Fun Fact Sunday, Roasted Peanuts for Birds, Feather Friendly BIRD TAPE & Squirrel Bungee

To experts, anting is something of a mysterious behaviour where birds rub insects, usually ants, on their feathers and skin.

Some birds will sit still on an anthill and patiently allow the creatures to crawl freely through their feathers. At other times, they have been seen to pick the ants up with their beaks and rub themselves with the tiny insects.

Sensing a threat, the ants shoot a spray of formic acid from their abdomens or anal glands, which is absorbed into the bird's body and acts as a natural insecticide

For additional information on Anting details click this link Wikipedia

Photo Credit - Tony Austin 2021 (Metchosin,B.C.photographer) at Victoria's Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary
Article Source
- Jessica Stewart - CBC Canada

On a recent trip to Wild Bird Trading Co / Mill Creek Wild Bird Seed, Bird House Nature Company was fortunate to receive an educational day with passionate owners, Mark and Laura. We thank them for sharing information that we might pass on to you.
Customers have a choice between box and smaller independent stores. Bird House Nature Company chooses to sell QUALITY seed from an exemplary company whose passionate and educated knowing of what constitutes healthy sources of food for wild birds.

In the coming days we will share the why's Bird House Nature Company's single supplier of wild bird seed is Mill Creek Wild Bird Seed.

Roasted Peanuts vs Raw
"You'll notice that our peanuts are roasted. We actually have them specially roasted for us. They put a light roast on it and that helps to prevent the peanuts from going rancid. We find that raw peanuts will go rancid much faster than a roasted peanut. We've done comparisons and finding that birds actually prefer, when given a choice of raw and roasted, they will always eat the roasted before they'll eat the raw." - Mark owner Wild Bird Trading Co.

On your next buying trip to Bird House Nature Company give the roasted peanuts a try and experience how much the birds will love you and make return visits!!!

Best year round entertainment might just be while diverting the squirrels from the bird feeders you are entertained watching their Cirque du Soleil skilled art of bungee feeding. Watch Songbird Essentials Squirrel Bungee dried corn feeder in action!

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