Say No To Pepper Treated Bird Seed

Due to the interest in keeping squirrels away from the bird feeders, a great question we are asked is, do we carry seed treated with hot pepper. The question is prompted by those looking for solutions to squirrels dining at the bird feeders.

We do not carry bird seed that has been treated with a pepper substance.

Our position takes into consideration that the possibility and data is beginning to emerge to support, that although the birds cannot taste the pepper, their inner systems recognize the heat and begin to lower the bird’s body temperature. Under certain conditions such as low temperatures in winter this may affect the bird’s ability to survive as it is not registering an optimum body temperature. There is also research looking at hot pepper substances affecting the eyes of birds.

For the safety of other animals and potentially pets being affected by treated seed as they approach the area where there is ground seed spillage, we recommend other options such as a baffle and bird feeders that are constructed to dissuade squirrel access to seed such as Brome’s bird feeder line of Squirrel Busters.

We encourage your questions and invite you to stop by and let us help you with solutions.