Looking for Some Spring Inspiration?

New spring arrivals include bird houses, balloon spinners, garden decor and hanging crystals with affirmations.

* Sentiment Hanging Crystals - kind, sweet, inspired, happy, joyful and loved

* Bring wonder and enchantment to your outdoor space with this Fluttering Dragonfly Burlap Animated Balloon Spinner. Watch as the wind makes this colourful dragonfly and floral design dance and twirl to create a stunning show that will mesmerize every passerby. Perfect for spring, hang this balloon spinner to add a lively element to any outdoor area! Made of durable, weather-resistant burlap, this design boasts a unique hot air balloon shape. Evergreen's balloon spinners have a mesh panel and spiral tail that keeps the design in motion after the wind blows. A plastic spring mechanism locks into place to secure the design during windy conditions.

* Bird Houses - A variety of sizes and designs to attract your favourite birds.

* Garden Decor - Take your decorating talents to the outdoors. We have a great selection of solar powered items that will transition your garden to a mystical wonderland at night.

At the Bird House Nature Company, we look forward to your next visit should it be for inspiration, gift giving or necessities for your spring visitors.


Fun Iconic Movie Birds:
ZAZU the Red-Billed Hornbill in The Lion King
IAGO the Scarlet Macaw in Aladdin
HEDWIG the Owl in Harry Potter