Springing Into Nest Building

Tis the season to nest. Here is a look at the nest building requirements and preferences of the Gold Finch, House Finch, and Red-breasted Nuthatch. 

House Finch 
nesting season March till August
* female builds small nest from weeds, grasses and thin branches found in trees, hanging vegetation or man-made cavities
* does not like to nest in man-made bird houses
* preferred feeder seeds: black oil sunflower, nyjer, millet, mustard seeds, milo
* offer a way for Finches to drink as they may drink up to their own body weight in water each day

Red-breasted Nuthatch
loves pine trees: using their sharp bill to carve out a hollow in a pine tree
* line their nest with grass and then add a layer of feathers for comfort
* known to steal nesting from other bird’s nests
* male smears pine resin around the entrance for protection from predators
* one brood each year May - July
* shy backyard feeders but will happily visit if there is suet, sunflowers seeds or peanuts.

breeding season begins in June when seeds are at the greatest supply
* monogamous pairs nest in trees and shrubs in an open cup of three inches
* nest consists of woven plant fibres bound by spiderwebs, caterpillar silk and lined with plant down
* attracted to a bath or water featurefill bird feeders with a variety of seeds especially sunflower and nyjer seed