Sweet Treats & Downtown Orillia Where's Waldo

Bird House Nature Company is excited to add some sweet treats on our shelves by way of Candy Shoppe (store located on Hwy.11 southbound). 

Manticore Books, your community bookstore is the largest independent bookstore north of Toronto and for the month of July the source for a fun adventure of Finding Waldo. 
In celebration of Waldo’s longevity and popularity, Candlewick Press is teaming up with independent bookstores for some hide and seek fun! There is no charge to participate. For more info on Finding Waldo in downtown Orillia visit Manticore Books for a passport and details about the participation of more than 20 downtown businesses. 

Manticore's Where's Waldo party is to be held on Saturday July 22nd. If you want to add to the fun, feel free to come dressed as Waldo! Will anyone be able to tell if YOU are the real Waldo or just a decoy?
HINTBird House Nature Company supports the Where's Waldo search!

Downton Orillia 
will also be buzzing on SaturdayJuly 22 with Merchants and Makers from 10am – 5pm. The day will be filled with interactive demos, handmade goods, unique products, and interactive activities for your family. Merchant and Makers will feature our downtown stores, market vendors, live music, street animation, and much more!

On Saturday, July 22 Bird House Nature Company welcomes 
Candy Shoppe to a special in-front of the store display offering additional sweets and treats from those we presently carry in-store. 

A little something about hummingbirds. A hummingbird's heart accounts for is 2.5 percent of their body weight. For perspective, the human heart accounts for only 0.3 percent of total body mass.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds have the fastest metabolisms not only in the bird world but also in the entire animal kingdom. They can eat up to 3 times their weight in nectar every day. Respect and awe for the beauty packed into such a small size and thrives on its body's extremes.