Choosing Quality Bird Seed

Mill Creek Seed Company is the sole supplier of wild bird seed to Bird House Nature Company. They were chosen due to their integrity to supply only the best seed available in the market.
Each blend is carefully formulated by Paul Bennett, Canada's leading ornithological nutritionist. With each formulation, Paul prepares his blend to account for the Canadian climate, the immediate surrounding environment and the seasonal variations that affect the needs of birds. Priority is given to the quality of ingredients and the nutritional requirements of birds. 

Mill Creek Seed Company is strictly in the wild bird seed business. They are not a large box store supplying a chemical company, nor a pet food or livestock feed manufacturing company. Mill Creek Seed Company does not mix chemicals, weed killers, or medicated animal food in the packaging area where there is the potential for cross contamination.  

Purchasing Quality Seed
Avoiding fillers is the beginning in discerning which company's products you will purchase. Good seed will have a high quantity of sunflower and peanuts. These are the two most attractive ingredients to birds.. 

Sunflower Seeds:
The sunflower must be mature and fresh with a high ratio of kernel to shell to be a viable choice for Mill Creek Seed Company. Every sunflower head has both mature and immature kernels with some kernels that are blanks. Blank kernels have never been pollinated and therefore have no nutrition. An untrained eye would look at a bag of blanks or immature sunflower seeds and may assume it is "good" seed when, in fact, it is almost all shells. Another indicator of poor seed would be insect damage. You can see small holes in each shell. When the shell is opened you can see that insects have consumed all of the kernel. Mill Creek is diligent in ensuring only the best seeds are available for purchase.

The price of peanuts may appear cheap stemming from unseen problems. Poorly stored peanuts can have a variety of toxins. Salty reject peanuts sell for lower prices without factoring that salt is not a healthy ingredient for birds.

Proper seed selection is also important. Millet, corn and safflower are all ingredients that are attractive to wild birds and they should be rationed to suit the needs and variety of birds in any given area.

Mill Creek blends have been registered and protected with the Government of Canada's intellectual property office and recognized as so unique that no other company can copy them. Understanding how seed is separated and the quality is determined, you will see that there is a difference between good seed and cheap seed. The result of using good seed is that you will get more birds to your feeder.

Mill Creek
 Seed Co Seed Bags are Oxo-Degradable.  All  bags are in the Oxo-degradable material. These bags have limited life and will degrade in a 2 stage process. Dispose of the bags with normal trash and the bags will disintegrate naturally.

The clear Oxo-Degradable  bags allow you to see the quality of the seed. Low cost seed will be presented in a bag with lots of ink in the areas where dust collects or opaque bags.

These are but a few of the reasons we chose Mill Creek Seed Company as our supplier of wild bird seed.

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