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Bird Feeders and Winter Care

The importance of Keeping Wild Bird Feeders Full in the Winter Winter Survival: Wild birds struggle to find food in cold winter months, and a full bird feeder provides them with a vital food source to survive the harsh conditions. Energy Boost: Birds need extra energy to stay warm in the cold. A well-stocked feeder helps them maintain their energy levels through high-calorie seeds and nuts. Species Diversity: A variety of bird species may visit your feeder during winter, offering a wonderful opportunity for birdwatching and contributing to the overall biodiversity in your area. Entertainment for All Ages: Watching birds at a feeder can be a delightful and educational activity for people of all ages, providing a sense of connection...

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Choosing Quality Bird Seed

Mill Creek Seed Company is the sole supplier of wild bird seed to Bird House Nature Company. They were chosen due to their integrity to supply only the best seed available in the market. Each blend is carefully formulated by Paul Bennett, Canada's leading ornithological nutritionist. With each formulation, Paul prepares his blend to account for the Canadian climate, the immediate surrounding environment and the seasonal variations that affect the needs of birds. Priority is given to the quality of ingredients and the nutritional requirements of birds.  Mill Creek Seed Company is strictly in the wild bird seed business. They are not a large box store supplying a chemical company, nor a pet food or livestock feed manufacturing company. Mill Creek...

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