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Bird Feeders and Winter Care

The importance of Keeping Wild Bird Feeders Full in the Winter Winter Survival: Wild birds struggle to find food in cold winter months, and a full bird feeder provides them with a vital food source to survive the harsh conditions. Energy Boost: Birds need extra energy to stay warm in the cold. A well-stocked feeder helps them maintain their energy levels through high-calorie seeds and nuts. Species Diversity: A variety of bird species may visit your feeder during winter, offering a wonderful opportunity for birdwatching and contributing to the overall biodiversity in your area. Entertainment for All Ages: Watching birds at a feeder can be a delightful and educational activity for people of all ages, providing a sense of connection...

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Fun Fact Mute Swans & Priscilla Yellowhead Tobey

FUN FACT SUNDAY Trumpeter swans are native to Ontario while mute swans are not.The name mute for this swan species was due to their hoarse, muffled trumpet or bugle call given during territorial defense. It doesn't carry like the calls of other swan species. Mute swans also make an explosive snorting or hissing sound when threatened or disturbed. Their aggressive behavior and voracious appetites can disturb local ecosystems, displace native species, and even pose a hazard to humans. The black knob at the base of the male mute swan's bill swells during the breeding season and becomes noticeably larger than the female's. The rest of the year the difference between the sexes is not obvious. The mute swan is reported...

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Local Nature Photographer Arni Stinnissen

Today Bird House Nature Company spotlights local photographer Arni Stinnissen. Arni Stinnissen and ArniWorks are familiar names to many for his stunning nature photography and photographic reproductions. The subtitle he uses on his website “Capturing the Beauty of Nature” is the perfect caption to describe his work. He is a self-taught photographer, a member of Ontario Field Ornithologists and resides in Bruce Peninsula. Arni, weaves his technical camera skills with his innate ability to convey emotion and personality in his subject matter once the shutter engages. The final compositions capture fleeting moments, ones that portray the beauty, simplicity, and fragility of nature. A handful of mentions of where you might have seen his photographs include Couchiching Conservancy and the National Audubon Society. ...

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