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Bird Feeders and Winter Care

The importance of Keeping Wild Bird Feeders Full in the Winter Winter Survival: Wild birds struggle to find food in cold winter months, and a full bird feeder provides them with a vital food source to survive the harsh conditions. Energy Boost: Birds need extra energy to stay warm in the cold. A well-stocked feeder helps them maintain their energy levels through high-calorie seeds and nuts. Species Diversity: A variety of bird species may visit your feeder during winter, offering a wonderful opportunity for birdwatching and contributing to the overall biodiversity in your area. Entertainment for All Ages: Watching birds at a feeder can be a delightful and educational activity for people of all ages, providing a sense of connection...

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Bird Symbolism - Woodpeckers

Birds are animals hardwired for flight. Though some of them, like penguins, have lost the capability to fly, several kinds are able to run, jump, swim, and dive. Every inch of a bird’s physical make-up is fashioned to induce lift; hence airplane wings are designed after bird wings. Known to be the closest relative of the dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic period around 160 million years ago, the largest of these winged creatures is the ostrich, which can grow to a towering nine feet; while the smallest is the long bee hummingbird which is cute at only two inches. History shows us birds that were depicted on cave walls and were valuable symbols for ancient civilizations such as Egypt,...

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